First Fanmix Band Revealed: SMANTX

Today Bryce Weiner revealed the first Fanmix band – it’s SMANTX, a three-person band based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are described as “a powerhouse mixture of head bobbing hooks, tasteful guitar riffs and atmospheric synths. SMANTX and their music has an indie-electro pop sound that has been affectionately dubbed dream-pop for their introspective lyrical content and the irresistibly dancy beats that help drive them.”

SMANTX has been featured on MTV’s Catfish, Floribama Shore, and Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Their songs have also been heard on international outlets including Sky Sports Networks and the English Premier League.

SMANTX is running their first Fanmix campaign here. You can click the link to read more and pledge, and I’ll also post the basics of what you get at the different pledge levels here.  You can also scroll down for YouTube videos of a couple of their songs I’ve posted below.

All pledge levels get their first album, as well as a copy of their forthcoming album which will be released in 2020.

There are seven pledge levels to support the band on Fanmix, ranging from $25 all the way up to $10,000

Here’s what each costs and what you get:

  1. SMANTX Superfan Level 1 – $25
    A digital copy of their first album, plus a digital copy of their new 2020 album
  2. SMANTX Superfan Level 2 – $60
    All of the above plus a t-shirt with the band logo
  3. SMANTX Superfan Level 3 – $150
    All of the above plus a physical CD of their first album signed by the band
  4. SMANTX Superfan Level 4 – $250
    All of the above plus and invitation to an exclusive album pre-release listening party, plus a signed vinyl record of their first album
  5. SMANTX Superfan Level 5 – $500
    All of the above plus two tickets to any one of their 2020 tour live performances
  6. SMANTX Superfan Level 6 – $1,000
    All of the above plus a shout-out on their new album’s liner notes
  7. SMANTX Superfan Level 7 – $10,000
    All of the above plus share a writing credit for one of the songs on their new album – this means not just seeing your name on the album, on streaming services, etc. as one of the writers, but actually earning a portion of the song’s royalties in perpetuity!

Click to pledge your support of SMANTX now
SMANTX Fanmix campaign

Listen to SMANTX’s song The Wild:

And their song Running In the Dark:


Click to pledge your support of SMANTX

First FanMix Artist Launching This Thursday Nov 14

Bryce Weiner posted an announcement on Twitter just a couple of hours ago.

Tao Blockchain was launched in 2016 after a series of experiments in launching cryptocurrencies leading to Tao, the Swiss Army Knife of crypto. From there, parternships were created, Congress and the SEC were lobbied to help create the best regulatory environment.

Fast forward to today and we have a music label, a multi-million dollar Hollywood recording studio, a fully regulatory compliant cryptocurrency exchange, a successful trial run with ODBcoin, and recently the FanMix platform.

Tomorrow will be the reveal of the first band on the platform, with more bands to come. Exciting times!

New Features and Site Updates Before Revealing the First Band

Bryce Weiner has posted what looks like a final update before the announcement of the first FanMix band.

The current updates included new features for bands managing their accounts and campaigns, and there will be a series of updates coming which will bring additional features for both artists and fans.

Read Bryce’s original post here


What Other Music Cryptos Are Getting Wrong But TAO Gets Right


Earlier this year, Michael Finny – @MDF_365 on Twitter – interviewed Bryce Weiner on a range of topics. I’ve edited the interview down to concise segments to make it easier to digest.

In this one, Bryce explains how other music crypto and blockchain projects trying to either disrupt or work with the music industry are just doing it wrong, and why how the common approach simply can’t work.

References the Bitcoin Cash BCH fork & more


Who is AltMarket and FanMix Partner Peter Rafelson

In this segment of the Michael Finney interview, Bryce Weiner discusses his business partner Peter Rafelson.

One of the first reasons I started taking Tao seriously back in 2016 was when I learned Bryce was working with Peter. He’s the son of legendary director Bob Rafelson, and was the original composer of Madonna’s song “Open Your Heart.”

This led to a multi-decade career in the industry, including artists who record and mix albums in his multi-million dollar media studio:

Peter Rafelson Hollywood media studio
In the video above, Bryce mentions a Billboard Podcast with the Peter Rafelson interview. You’ll find the link below. In it, Peter tells the story of how he pretty literally broke into the music industry, launching his career. The interview starts about 30 minutes in.

There are a number of cryptos out there that want to “disrupt” the music industry, or seek to replace it in some way. Tao and FanMix are designed to work with the existing music industry instead of in opposition to it.

Having Peter Rafelson involved brings deep connections to the music industry and Hollywood. That makes the business model more likely to succeed. And that’s what told me back in 2016 that the coin had a greater chance of success than most alts.


You can find out more about Peter on his website as well as the Rafelson Media website

How FanMix Works For Artists

In this interview segment, Bryce Weiner explains how FanMix + AltMarket allows artists to pre-sell albums to raise money. FanMix is designed to help artists vault over the money barrier that keeps them from succeeding.

And it does it without taking any song rights from the artist in the process.

Fans pay with dollars (other traditional currencies coming), artists earn dollars. The referral system pays out in Tao. If the artist raises more than $10K then they’re issued their own cryptocurrency which only can be bought or sold for Tao.

But none of this requires the fans to be familiar with crypto since to them it just works as artist rewards points. Crypto mass adoption requires this just like any other technology – no need for the average person to understand how the tech works. It just does.

Here’s an article Bryce posted recently which goes into more detail about how artists (and fans) can create passive income using FanMix and the referral system


Music Artists Are Their Own Economy; With FanMix, Fans Finally Get Paid


In this interview segment, Bryce Weiner talks more about Tao, AltMarket, and FanMix and the crypto referral system. He also discusses how officially licensed Wu-Tang crypto ODBcoin was the pilot program which launched Young Dirty onto the national stage.

FanMix artists will be able to pre-sell their albums and sell other merchandise on FanMix, while their fans can make money by referring people to the site.

Everybody wins.



The New Model of Crypto: Music Sales Create Automated TAO Market Buys

After that first Bitcoin pizza OTC trade created the first market for cryptocurrency, it didn’t take long before the crypto markets were largely driven by speculation, hand in hand with things like dark web use and money laundering.

Enter FanMix + TAO + The AltMarket

Now we’ll get to see what a new and better crypto model looks like: music fans pledge money, buy albums, and buy merchandise on FanMix and TAO is purchased automatically off the USD market.

Automated buy support of Tao, a fully regulatory compliant cryptocurrency eliminates the need for speculation to drive price. Yet it eliminates the link with criminal activity that creates a risk for individual as well as institutional investors, which means traders can trade it with less risk than most of the popular cryptos of the past.

So this elegantly transforms cryptocurrency into a sustainable growth model instead of unstable bubbles, while surpassing one of the chief hurdles to the mass adoption of any new technology: making it so the general public doesn’t have to understand it to use it.

Once this all is in motion towards the end of the year when the first band is unveiled, just watch and see where we’ll be in six months, let alone the end of 2020