First FanMix Artist Launching This Thursday Nov 14

Bryce Weiner posted an announcement on Twitter just a couple of hours ago.

Tao Blockchain was launched in 2016 after a series of experiments in launching cryptocurrencies leading to Tao, the Swiss Army Knife of crypto. From there, parternships were created, Congress and the SEC were lobbied to help create the best regulatory environment.

Fast forward to today and we have a music label, a multi-million dollar Hollywood recording studio, a fully regulatory compliant cryptocurrency exchange, a successful trial run with ODBcoin, and recently the FanMix platform.

Tomorrow will be the reveal of the first band on the platform, with more bands to come. Exciting times!

Tao Is the Swiss Army Knife of Blockchains and the Most Advanced Bitcoin-Forked Altcoin


Is Tao Blockchain the most advanced cryptocurrency out there? When Bryce Weiner coded it back in 2016 he looked around at the available code he could draw on from the full Bitcoin diaspora of alts.

He picked and chose the best features available and even added one or two of his own design. He made Tao the “Swiss army knife” of crypto – utility and flexibility for many potential use cases.


What Other Music Cryptos Are Getting Wrong But TAO Gets Right


Earlier this year, Michael Finny – @MDF_365 on Twitter – interviewed Bryce Weiner on a range of topics. I’ve edited the interview down to concise segments to make it easier to digest.

In this one, Bryce explains how other music crypto and blockchain projects trying to either disrupt or work with the music industry are just doing it wrong, and why how the common approach simply can’t work.

References the Bitcoin Cash BCH fork & more


How Bryce Weiner Became the First Blockchain Developer to Lobby Congress

Continuing the excerpts from the Michael Finney talk w Bryce Weiner, Bryce shares how he was the first cryptocurrency developer to meet with members of Congress incl Rep. Ted Budd & Rep. Michael McCaul, who helped him secure an invitation to speak with the SEC

TAO & AltMarket – the most legit thing in crypto 🔥